a seven month reflection.

seven months ago i boarded a plane and didn’t look back.  now that emotions, instances and well, life, have calmed, i am able to reflect back on what has been a blinding, turbulent whirlwind, and this is what i see:

  • no person – whether it be a boy, friend or family member – or single life instance is worth of crumbling my esteem
  • i have an unruly persistence that doesn’t rest until my core life pillars (work, play, loved ones and community) are sturdily in tact
  • missing people that i love and being missed by those that love me is a valuable and strengthening life lesson
  • an adolescence of intense emotion that has evolved into a feminine maturity
  • a ‘life plan’ that dissolved but happily replaced with options and opportunity
  • a history of living for others but forgetting about myself
  • a family that may not truly understand me but who love me relentlessly and unconditionally
  • and finally, i see me.  seeing me truly of the first time.  and you know what, i really like what’s there and all that lays in front of me.

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