a life theme.

i had an interesting conversation today with a new professional contact whom is approximately 30 years my senior but it was one of those conversations of mutual respect and one that i thoroughly enjoyed as its these exchanges with people who have lived wisely that leave me to seek more knowledge into my own worldview and life course.

whilst instilling in this wise man my current prerogative of having options in life instead of being fixated on a life plan he told me that although that was an open way to pave the road forward “life,” he said, “still needs to have a theme.”

a life theme.  something that joins together the experiences, connects the phases, transitions one chapter into the next.  yes, i like that – a theme – much more than a plan.  perhaps because a plan implies structure, too definitive for me.  however, a theme is more organic it seems.  still leaves some room to colour outside the line, to still be playfully creative in the way we live.

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