london town.

[from bangkok to london.]

five days are enough time to fall in love with a city, aquaint oneself with old, dear friends and remind yourself that life is good, that you are ok. 

i arrive in london jet lagged and trying to contain my bangkok dreams.  heathrow is chaos – pre-Christmas rush and immigration lines a plenty.  but the adrenaline of knowing that childhood friends are awaiting me is enough to keep me bright-eyed and patient.  the excitement of smothering them in hugs and laughing over fond memories is worth the wait.

finally i am able to escape the airport and i somehow navigate my way through the london tube to the metro stop that my friend instructed me to meet him at.  outside is winter – flurries and toques.  i feel at home.  a text message to say i am here and a reply “we’ll be there in five minutes” leaves me nervously excited.  excited to embrace familiarity, to begin celebrating what brought us all to london – the marriage of a good friend.

and then there in the snowy night i turn around and one of the greatest loves of my life – SL – is there with open arms.  shrieks of excitement and hugs all around we round everything up and head back to the local pub were tucked away in the corner is the canadian contingency that had flown across the pond for this special occasion.

with immediate ease my time in london begins.  over the coming days i would partake in some memorable moments – a perfect mix of wedding bliss, sightseeing and soaking up the lovely surrounds.  a constant theme too that would keep me mesmerized with london during the week is how beautifully old fashion the city it is.  especially with the backdrop of christmas and snow it is quite a romantic city. 

with limited time to explore my daunting list of london’s best this is what i am able to take in: green park, the royalty of buckingham palace, the pall mall, vintage shopping in city laneways, carnbury lane, soho, waterloo and piccadilly circus.  a fun day trailing with friends took me a long a wicked route of camden market and the canal, a beer on the top of primrose hill, dinner on brick lane and reliving their favourite bars with the champagne monkey.  shopping on oxford and regent (high) streets, a night-time stroll through the angel neighbourhood and everything culminating in what is perhaps the most classic and beautiful wedding i have ever attended.  MB has always played the role of a dear and true friend which is why i it meant so much for me to be able to be there on the happiest day of his life.  i never thought for a moment that i wouldn’t make it to london but his wedding would definitely be the most magical of the trip and a wonderful reunion of old friends who, regardless of distance or time, will be there when we are ready to meet again.

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