[from london to bremen.]

a sad goodbye to friends as everyone headed their separate ways home but i was moving on to bremen, germany where i would get to see yet another old friend – my german twin from university.  this trip is definitely a special one of exploring new parts of the world but also seeing warm faces who have played an integral role in my journey to date.

a brief visit and somewhat acclimatized from being away from winter weather for a year bremen is still a lot of fun.  after much-needed sleep i am able to wonder the christmas market which is has a historic appeal, costumes and music circa early pilgrimage – the true spirit of christmas ringing throughout the air.  no clutter commercialism – just the authentic magic of what this holiday is all about.

here at the market is where i get to indulge in some german customs: delicious warm bread and the most flavourful sausages i have ever bitten into, chestnuts roasting on an open fire and a nestling up in a warm pub with a german lager to toast the amazing culture that this country has preserved so fantastically. 

it is a quick trip but the culture and how beautiful the german people are is definitely enough to bring me back one day.

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