back to london.

[from bremen to london.]

back to london but it seems quieter for some reason – perhaps it is because friends have left but at the same time i am able to see london for the amazing city that it is.  before retiring for the night with the bride and groom that has inspired this trip i get an entire day to flirt with london some more.

there is not enough time to conquer my list of culture and food so i take a route to make most of the 10 hours i have left.  and this is what i am able to see: the bustle of liverpool st. and the building that is shaped like a dildo, the barters at petticoat market, the living history that embodies tower bridge (and with it the tower of london, the roman wall and the alt hallow church).  from there it is off to spitafields market and a visit to westminister abbey, parliament and big ben, all of which satisfy the curious history student in me.  after running out of battery on my camera i finish at kensington to take in another high street but only to get swallowed up by last-minute christmas shoppers.  happy with what i was able to take in today i head back to highbury where i spend the evening in the warmth of the newlyweds – their hospitality so kind and i can only hope that fate brings me back to london in the near future as i truly think that it will be an incredible landscape during a lag of my journey.

yes, something tells me that i will find a part of my self in london….like melbourne there is something magically enticing about this place.

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