christmas eve in kuwait.

[from london to kuwait city.]

in the days leading up to christmas there was slight panic that i would not make it to kuwait city where i would be reunited with my aunt and uncle.  headlines kept reporting that unprecedented snow in london had ruined nearly 500,000 people’s’ christmases.  somehow through all of the snowy chaos came my own christmas miracle: i made it to Kuwait city without interruption.

i arrive at 930am in the morning and if i thought i was anxious about getting off the plane days ago in london well then this rush of excitement was tenfold.  after going through what seemed like an eternity of security checks and immigration i walked out into the arrival lobby – my aunt and uncle on the other side of the gate, bright smiles and all.  overwhelmed with emotion and in dire need for the love of family after being away for 9 months i ran as if i was seeing them for the first time.  it was a beautiful moment of hugs and kisses.

and a special christmas this would be. 

refreshed we spend christmas eve over a nice lunch and catching up on travels and what it is like to live life as an expat.  then a special treat as we celebrate being together for the holidays with a seafood bbq buffet along the red sea.  a night-time tour of the kuwaiti towers and a hot chocolate 82 metres above the ground overlooking the city is a perfect end to the day.  indeed, one of the most magical christmas moments i’ve ever experienced.  i can only wonder what this visit will bring….

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