leaving your job to change the world.

always overly ambitious it doesn’t surprise me that i’m writing with a new-found life goal.  heavily inspired from reading john wood’s book leaving microsoft to change the world, i want to cement my promise to fully and honestly commit to the drive that initially ignited my departure from canada last december: to enter the world as a global expat; work hard for 10, 20 years – however long it takes me – to save and invest enough money in order to start giving back to the lives of others.

this will mean lifestyle changes, accepting the fact that i will be away from home and disciplining myself to become financially savvy and conscious.   but i am ready – and proud – to make this commitment.  something has stirred up in me during this trip.  its time to fully start the next chapter of my life.  its been a clumsy year but this revelation worth the tricks and tumbles to come to this resolve.

so, with new ambition and a keen determination to relentlessly achieve my goals, i pledge to work hard, educate myself and begin changing my behaviour now so that in 10 years from now i can make impactful changes in the world.

and with this big bold dream to be a philanthropist someday – i think i am finally growing up.   global expat to social philanthropist, why not?

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