new year’s in noosa.

[from brisbane to noosa beach.]

its been an incredible 18 days.  an itinerary that was ambitious but remarkable.  this trip has been about taking refuge in familiarity while being able to reflect on how i have grown over the past 10 months.  it was a trip that opened my eyes and reaffirmed the direction i am heading.  it was a trip that instilled new motivation.  it was a trip that tested my limits while quietly showing me that i my ‘self’ while still growing is a wonderful being to get to know.

so, on the last day of the year and a mere couple of days before heading back to melbourne, where my new reality awaits, i succumb to feeling resolved.  a year of clarity.  a year of being honest.  a year of risk and courage.  a year of becoming undone and figuring myself out while putting myself back together.  a year of laughter and lovely memories.

so this is how i celebrate the end of 2010 and the welcome of 2011: walking from coolum to noosa with good company and beer in hand.  at midnight standing in the ocean, the tide coming in.  children dancing with sparklers, romantics sharing the moment with a kiss, everyone cheering – embracing the hope and anticipation that a new year brings.

whilst not ready for a relationship – very far from it in fact – how lovely it is to watch other lovers share this moment.  so, while others hold their loved one, i stand solidly on my own, hugging my heart, proud of standing in the ocean on the other side of the world.  embracing my self.

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