a new year.

January 6, 2011

gaining perspective.

a new year.

a new embrace on life, on love.  on dreams…on pretty much everything.

a new year is a time to embark on new ambitions; leaving behind any unresolved “i should haves” and nagging “wish i could haves”.  the turning of the calendar brings fresh promises and desires to strive towards.

a new year is where everything is erased and begins anew.  where everything and everyone is equal, starts with a clean slate and the opportunity to make this year the greatest one yet.

thus, arriving back in melbourne today i feel resolved and rejuvenated.  2011 will be a fascinating year – which is why i am going to remain relaxed and focus.  living as things unfold and committing to being more centred, calmly balanced, more honest and more aware of how things should really be.


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a very curious lass with oh-so-much to say. this blog, a creative space for me and my words to play.

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