coming of age – parents and adult children.

just read about maintaining a relationship/parenting an adult child.  and it got me thinking….

1. i always aspire to be the type of adult that my parents would want to hang out with, laugh with.  which is why i take pride and appreciation in my friendships with people of varying ages older than me.  because they mature me, contribute wisdom and essentially mentor me through life obstacles, learning through reflection perhaps.  i learned this from my mother i think.

2. my move to melbourne was to begin and explore my adult years.  cobourg was childhood, ottawa was a foundation, toronto my reckless yet formative years and now with the courage and earnestly wanting to evolve in growing and developing in a way that i never thought possible. 

and ever so happy to know that despite some challenges, as all relationships encounter, i have a respectful friendship with my parents that transcends any stage of my life; an eternal constant that will only get better with age.

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