social impact as new knowledge.

so already i am feeling myself shifting – shifting away from the emotional undoing that was of my inner self over the past 4 years to the formation of a more mature and sound self.  and the shift couldn’t be more welcoming or refreshing.

thus, to continue to move with this shift i thought i would share something i read today:

“…as social philanthropy is growing and becoming widely recognized as a source of knowledge so to are the exciting new ideas that frame the creation of social impact – social business, entrepreneurship, procurement, investment and capital.”

what do i find so compelling in this statement?  it sparked this thought: as members of society this poses an exciting question back to us: what will we do with this new knowledge to affect positive change?

my challenge to whomever reads this:  become well read on global issues. find your cause.  champion it.  embrace this new knowledge and formulate an ambition.  create a blueprint and influence change.  change isn’t necessarily reform – it’s a mere act of kindness that can go a long way.

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