30-day song challenge. day 1: your favourite song.

i originally saw this concept in my facebook news feed as a community page.  the rules are simple: 30 days, 30 themes, 30 songs.

 i thought this ‘challenge’ would be a good test for me for 3 reasons:

1. it will motivate me to blog more frequently.

2. it will help me re-record that mixed tape that i threw out a long time ago.

3. it will help me with my self-reflection as i explore why i choose a particular song for a particular theme.  

we all have songs that move us.  here is my first of thirty.

‘hurt’ by johnny cash.

a little girl brought up on country music but whose interest evolved into punk rock and eventually peaked while discovering genres like indie, folk and bluegrass, it is only fitting that my favourite song is by the legendary johnny cash. 

despite being a cover of nine inch nails’ trent reznor (i can still remember the first time i heard reznor’s emotive ballad in 1994, a fitting theme for an era of teenage angst), hurt is a moving piece of music that is beautifully dark yet powerfully enlightening.  in 2002, cash made this song his own (album: american iv: the man comes around) and it won fanfare from the world over .  it was even voted the best cover song by bbc 6 music in 2007.  

so, why is this my favourite song?  perhaps it is the humbling peace in which cash sings with – reflecting on a life of complicated celebrations; a career that was filled with love and loss, happiness and despairs, success and failure.  or perhaps it is how powerful this sombre track is – its ability to drown out any other noise around me, quieting my thoughts, leaving me in utter silence for a mere 4 minutes – a brief moment of solitude. 

but its in these four minutes when i take stock of any sadness, consequence or regret – embracing it all.  only to rejoice in the brilliant bliss that has filled my life.  when the song concludes i am left with a profound sense of appreciation and a strength that is overwhelming. 

i have been asked before, “why do you pick such a sad song as your favourite?”  my answer: it’s not sad, it is an eerily beautiful reminder for us to realize the person that we have become and  to take pride in our perseverance to live honestly and embrace what we aspire to be.  fallen failures and all. 

if i could start again

a million miles away

i would keep myself

i would find a way


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  1. static confusion fan says:

    Hi – great idea for the 30-day song challenge..
    Here’s a suggestion for you, this is a song I adore: Wagon Wheel, Old Crow Medicine Show

    but watch out, it really gets stuck in your head.

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