30-day song challenge. day 4: a song that makes you sad.

“last kiss”

can’t decide what version i like better: wayne cochran’s attempt to make it poplar in the early 1960s….j frank wilson & the cavaliers old fashion twangy cover…or the blues rock version produced by pearl jam in the late 1990s.  there is something about eddie vedder’s rendition though that leaves me overwhelmed after listening to the tune.

a song about teen tragedy…watching your true love die in a  car accident…helplessly standing by; unable to save a life.

each artist reproduced the song as a result of being able to identify with the heartache after experiencing similar real life situations.  in 1998 after pearl jam released the single all of the proceeds were donated to the kosovo war.  turning tragedy into hope i suppose.

a soulful lullaby of saying good-bye to a loved one…this is indeed a sad song. 

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