30-day song challenge. day 7: a song that reminds you of a certain event.

me & him’s set list.

simply acoustic.  folky celtic charm.  beat-boxing. 

these two blokes have been firing up the laneways of ottawa’s byward market for years, an east coast style caleigh breaking out at whatever local they happened to be jamming at.

there isn’t a particular song i can pick but when today’s theme read “a song that reminds you of a certain event” – no question – me & him.  partly because they remind me of the time (event) that i attempted to be a ‘band groupie’.  partly because they are synonymous with ottawa pints and pubs.  partly because they remind me of the incredible four years that was life in the nation’s capital.

it was my first year university, out for the night with a girl who would become my gig-goer, flatmate and dear friend, when we stumbled into the black rose.  me & him were halfway through their set.  simple and raw, i fell in love.  although their name would rarely (if ever at all) be a whisper within the canadian indie scene, these local rockstars definitely set the pace for what would be a 4-year career of roaming the northern cold, rugged up and all, in search of good live music and a pint of microbrew.

(and for that girl of mine – “i love me & him,” i say.  “and i love me and you,” she says.)


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