30-day song challenge. playing catch up.

so much for using this music challenge as a means to get me writing on a daily basis.  once again the volume on life is cranked up, filled with static noise that is distracting me from the actual sounds that i love hearing: music, laughter, espresso machines, pen scrolling on paper and wine glasses clinking over a good meal.

in an effort to play catch up here is a mixtape of the days i’ve missed:

day 9: a song that you can dance to.  “footloose” by kenny loggins.

kevin bacon has nothing on my moves.  gotta love the 80s flash dance.

day 10: a song that makes you fall asleep.  “flightless bird (american mouth)” by iron and wine.

this song is hypnotic.  i love putting it on as i fall asleep – there is something somberly peaceful about it.  the track is also a perfect melody for a rainy afternoon with a cup of tea and melancholy.

day 11: a song from your favourite band.  “blue orchid” by the white stripes.

jack white – perhaps the last modern day rock star. 

day 12: a song from a band you hate.  “ice ice baby” by vanilla ice.

i never got the whole vanilla ice thing.  and i don’t think i ever will. 

day 13: a song that is a guilty pleasure. “ask” by the smiths. 

i was four years old when this single was released in 1986.  but i remember listening to it on a compilation record later on, hitting rewind over and over again. 

day 14: a song that no one would expect you to love.  “untouchable face” by ani difranco.

day 15: a song that describes you.  “brown eyed girl” by van morrison.

a feisty brown eyed girl who is playing and dancing her way through life.  a good tune.

day 16: a song that you used to love but now you hate.  “good riddance (time of your life) by green day.

this song became the anthem for our high school graduation, which is why i loved it – it was a song of reflection, chronicling wholesome memories.  transitional lyrics as we entered a new world.  but today, it is over-played and i don’t hear the nostalgic in it that i did 10 years ago.

day 17: a song that you hear often on the radio. “you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling” by the righteous brothers.

a classic, old school tune for the jukebox.   according to BMI it has been played on the radio over 8 million times.  i am pretty sure i have heard it once or twice.

day 18: a song that you wished you heard on the radio.  “maybelline” by chuck berry.

because chuck is so damn cool.  and this song is a rock classic.  bring back the hi-fi and the 8-tracks please.

day 19: a song from your favourite album. “we used to wait” by arcade fire.

perhaps my favourite album of my entire life.  there is something about montreal musicians…

day 20: a song you listen to when you are angry.  “hallelujah” by leonard cohen.

stoic appreciation for the beauty that is this song.  restless and anxious no more (after listening to this).

day 21: a song that you listen to when you are happy.  “sweet caroline” by neil diamond. 

because good times have never felt so good….so good. 

day 22: a song that you listen to when you are sad.  “coconut skins” by damien rice.

i don’t know what it is about this song – the lyrics, the voice or the beat?  but i just need to hit play and suddenly, i’m happy again.

day 23: a song that you want to play at your wedding.  “lullaby (good night, my angel)” by billy joel.

i am not really into the whole marriage thing.  weddings are beautiful but it’s not for me.  however, i would dance with my father to this song any day.  because i know “no matter where i am he will not be far away.”

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