30-day song challenge. day 24: a song that you want to have played at your funeral.


ok, so i know that what i am about to write is quite cliche…but i hope that come the day where i no longer have my place on this earth that my life is celebrated by those that have journeyed with me rather than be mourned with grief and loss. 

to choose a song to have played at your funeral is like writing your own lyrical eulogy.  at this current moment in my life i hope that these two tracks is what lifts people’s hearts in memory of a girl who laughed and played her way through life while trying to help a couple of people along the way:

“p.s. you rock by world” by eels

listen to the words – they are beautiful in of themselves.  it’s the opening verse that does it for me, “i was at a funeral the day i realized that i wanted to spend my life with you…i was thinking about how everyone was dying and maybe it is time to live…” the sentiment here: the loss of a loved one makes you stop and realize where you are in life, determine what is important, and what you can do to continue living a profound life forward.

“the parting glass” sung by the wailin’ jennys

not the original, but it is a good reflection for me.  a traditional irish farewell song that is usually sung at a gathering of mates, the tune isn’t really about dying but more about leaving.   my funeral will be celebrated at a pub with nothing but keith’s and guiness on tap and celtic folk to jive to.  i’ll be sure to leave enough behind to shout a round of drinks…the parting glass – fitting for one last cheers…and may the party continue well after i am gone.

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