30-day song challenge. the last track(s).


in retrospect this song challenge wasn’t so much a writing exercise as it was to help get me back into music.  it’s like i had turned the mute button on for the last five years – i can’t believe how far gone i was from the days where we would hijack ourselves away from our small town to see the back alley punk rockers…from the years roaming ottawa and montreal to checkout independent musicians…from the fun of tipsy nights at toronto’s legendary horseshoe tavern, just rocking out.

i am no muso and i am definitely not the cool kid with a stellar vinyl collection or the girl who knows ‘who is the next big thing’ – but seriously, how did i let my interests slip away from me for so long?

i suppose it is like what the fictitious wannabe rock star rob gordon said, “sentimental music has this great way of taking you back somewhere at the same time that it takes you forward, so you feel nostalgic and hopeful all at the same time.” (high fidelity, p. 50).

and letting music take me forward i am. 


the last tracks of the 30-day song challenge are…. 

day 25: a song that makes you laugh.

“hangin’ tough” by new kids on the block.

i am slightly embarrassed that i am even putting this on my list but listen, these kids made me laugh then and they still do now.  in fact, all mainstream bubble gum pop puts me into hysteria.

day 26: a song you can play on an instrument.

playing the acoustic guitar is still a childhood ambition that has yet to come to fruition.  i’ll get there someday.

day 27: a song that you wish you could play.

“jolene” covered by the white stripes.

the next time i reinvent myself it will be with the talent to play this song on the acoustic guitar.  and i’ll have the vocals to perform it too.

day 28: a song that makes you feel guilty.

“history” by lightning dust.

so, i won’t disclose exactly why this song makes me feel guilty.  not guilty in a bad way – innocently guilty – have you ever felt it?  it’s a complex feeling.  this song is significant because the memory it evokes is the moment when i finally realized how miserable my life had become. devastated and guilty for the way in which this revelation came about, but nevertheless it was then and there that i walked away from it all….and never looked back.

day 29: a song from your childhood.

“islands in the stream” by dolly parton and kenny rogers.

it is amazing how one’s taste in music evolves over time, however, this country classic is still a darling.  not only does dolly’s twang remind me of my childhood it is also my first memory of my first ‘concert’.  canada’s wonderland with my older sister and parents and two grand ol’ opera stars – kenny and dolly.  and maybe that is why i think this song is timeless – because a fond childhood memory never grows old.

day 30: your favourite song at this time last year.

“jet plane” by angus and julia stone.

perhaps it is the metaphorical ‘jet plane’ that resonates with me.  perhaps it is because i had a musical epiphany the first time i heard this song play on the radio.  or perhaps it is because angus’ voice is so deliciously sexy.  whatever the reason this was definitely my favourite song of 2010.

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