when we were eleven.

lately, i find myself soaking up as much artsy and creative culture as i can.  i’ve been hungry for it and my appetite is huge.  i’m famished, starving for indulgence.

the latest – documentary australia foundation.  a brilliant mix of film, charity and philanthropy.  congratulations to whomever came up with this hybrid.  “a showcase of powerful social change filmmaking.”  see?  brilliant.

one trailer at tonight’s showcasing really captured by interest.  “i am eleven” by genevieve bailey is “a globe-spanning portrait of humanity at a crucial age – no longer children, not quite adults, preparing to inherit a world changing as quickly and dramatically as they are.”  [www.iameleven.com]

do you remember what your worldview was like back then?

when we were 11 years old we were unaware of how mature we were.  we started dreaming with a little bit of realism  and we became to understand that there were bigger issues beyond the politics of the sandbox.  however, we were still too young to be ignorant but not old enough to know any better.  something was brewing inside of us – childhood was ending and the rest of the world…well, it was beginning to catpure our imagination…

…18 years later mine is still wandering.

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