dancing flurries.


i had the most vividly beautiful dream last night.  i was all rugged up, tightly bundled, playing outside.  and it was snowing.  mass flurries.  white magic surrounded me…perfect serenity.

is it ironic that i dreamt a winter wonderland whilst waking up to a crisp, cool melbourne morning?  it is the last day of may here…the last day of an australian autumn.  tomorrow, the last season of the calendar awakes.  it will be cold, dark and damp lackluster of the pearly white fluff that blankets canada.  our winter’s warmth. 

i still find it difficult to adjust to the seasons here.  by the time that my first australian summer dawned it had been nearly 16 months since i had felt a +30 degree day.  now it has been 16 months since i have felt a -30 degree.  and i miss it.  it’s in my canadian blood i suppose – the appreciation for snow. the southern hemisphere isn’t really backwards though – seasons here just follow a different sequence.  elements of the weather, definitely different, but nonetheless, not the same.

after all, what is winter without flurries?


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