surrealism (an alternative definition).

a quick search on google defines ‘surreal’ as a “bizarre moment” or a “hallucinatory dream with unreal qualities”.  the meaning of the word is also derived from the 20th-century art movement, surrealism, that inspired artists and writers to explore their creative potential through the unconscious mind. 

with that context – and as an experimental writer myself – i attempt to come to my own definition of the word (following conscious thoughts, of course!) seeing as though the word has been frequenting my vocabulary as of late.

running from loneliness to finding acceptance (on my own) in a foreign country – surreal.

reuniting with an old friend on the other side of the world via his departure from japan – surreal.

watching as my little sister became my mentor – surreal.

having recorded my thoughts on paper my entire young life but now finally trying to emerge and test my potential talent; giving my mind a voice – surreal.

living my ambition to see the world and learn new cultures; visiting eight countries in ten months; surreal.

realizing that was never a boy who broke my heart rather it was being emotionally recluse that was hurting myself – surreal.

sitting on a jet plane somewhere between san francisco and san diego sharing these thoughts outloud – surreal.

so there you go – surrealism.  living in a particular moment and knowing that this current reality is something that once you only dreamt about to then realizing that is all unfolding, you are playing a living part in all of it – it is all real, no hallucinations.

our silent fantasies very much do become a reality; it is just that most often or not we do not notice it happening, unfolding.  but when we do see it, living out our happiness (our desires), our dreams coming to surface, it is powerfully overwhelming – profoundly surreal.

(note to self and/or the reader: why is it that i feel most comfortable, most compelled, on a jet plane silently coaxing through the air, transitioning through time zones, far away from anyone or anything familiar?)  perhaps this is surreal too.

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