lingering distance.

it’s that space between coming from somewhere i knew i didn’t want to be to the place where i am still not sure i want to be.

it’s that period of suspense where i am heading in some unknown direction but don’t necessarily mind taking wrong turns or even the long way around. 

it’s that moment of silence between stages of life transition; traveling from one stop to the next, appreciating being lost in my own thoughts – a lone traveler of sorts.

it’s that something that i can’t really describe or explain…that something that still scares me, inspires me.  that something that still leaves me, well, wandering…conflicted but free…knowing that not enough time has passed to return.  or to move forward for that matter.

lingering distance…it is comforting because i don’t have to commit, terrifying because it means i have let go.  it is also a sign of growth however as in looking back i can see how far i’ve come.  yet perhaps it is also a sign of immaturity as i refuse to close the gap and settle down; stubbornly avoiding the life clock.  because really, the only time that matters to me is where i am – which is being ever-present; right here, right now.

everything else i suppose will do one of two things: continue to linger or quietly fade away.  and until i am ready to embrace resuming the journey i just have to believe that the important things will stay the same.

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