maybe it has been the music.  maybe it has been the people i have met.  maybe it has been my fascination with beat poets.  maybe it all started when i picked up a pen again….or maybe it is just because it has been long enough.

whatever the ‘if, maybe, perhaps or i suppose’ is…something is changing.  something is shifting.  purely internal, entirely positive this blissful, internal peace of mine is blooming – just like any part of nature that is facing a new beginning; the turn of a season.  with it comes a sense of rejuvenation, harmless innocence to start again, the absolute assurance that yes, the risk, the disparity, the loneliness, the failure has succumbed.  i took flight and inevitably faltered.  but i also had to have this perplexed willingness to stumble in order to truly soar.

life – it is shifting.  and it was only mere weeks ago that i took pride refuge in the unknown…the lingering distance.  the space between.  neither here nor there, i didn’t really care.  until i heard a man speak about his war-torn experience in a lost, broken land and how he turned that into generous philanthropy…until i lived like a rockstar on the edge of a cliff with a confidant that reminded me what it is to be real…until i indulged in patti smith’s honest tribute to the controversial 1960-70s era…did i really get it.

yes, this all happened in the span of a week, which is a long period of time when one has been as curious and flippant as i.  but, as many have quoted the great guitar poet before, “the times, they are a changin’.”

and with this sweep of change i can finally see a beautiful direction.  after 29 years it looks like i may be finding my way.

bring on the illustrious, winding, narrow road ahead.

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