a staccato burst: the power to persevere.

“perseverance leads to a break-out moment.”

-beautiful bird xx

the writing is on the wall, indeed.

(warning: what follows is the ramblings of self-induced egoism.)

one of my favourite australian utterances is, “i’m over it.”  loosely translated: something has become annoyingly mundane or tiresome and it is time to flip it the bird.  at least that is my lexical adaptation of it.

let me make it very clear that by no means am i over down under.  consider me a somersaulting gypsy with northern blood enticed by southern (hemisphere) affairs.  but the subject of my geo-emotional conflict is subject for another conversation.

so, what’s the rage about?  why did i scream at the sun this morning, “i’m so over it!”

here’s what i’m flipping the middle finger at:

1. professional vanity

2. the overrated satisfaction that a salary DOES not bring

3. bureaucratic bullshit that taints genuine goodwill

4. life applications that categorise you by a number in a box

5. negative energy

6. people who are so disgruntled, jealous and jaded, that they no longer believe in ideas or imagination

7. the pathetic pout that a stranger gives you when you ask for a table for one

8. the sickening pressure put on girls to be a weigh* that they are not

9. a man saying “i love you but i, um, like, don’t love you” who THEN expects you to wait and hold his heart while he figures out if in fact another mate holds his soul

10. and finally, the empty, apathetic advice “you’ll be fine.”

[deep exhale]

the three finger salute: i love you.
the three finger salute: i love you.

wow, i feel much better.  but please reader, this is not a rant to release self-pity or seek sympathy.  no.  it is an oath of perseverance.  a testament that to be over something (or someone) is to GET ON with the next thing.  life sure isn’t going to hold my hand — but i’m sure as hell going to kick its ass.

middle finger lowered , now hands up in the air, let’s transition into the three finger salute.  let’s persevere.

we can do this by transposing the above list into a ‘get on with it’ mantra:

1. self-love

2. pennies only for my thoughts please; minimal simplicity

3. community and compassion is my definition of charity

4. drawing a ‘me’ box in red ink on the forms and ticking it for i don’t do ‘other’ (ageless rebel)

5. positive embraces

6. dream even bigger

7. ask the fine lad or lass if they would like to join me then (sympathy can pay the bill)

8. following michael pollan’s simple food recipe: “eat food.  not too much.  mostly plants.”

9. love even more openly and relentlessly… heart and soul in tact

10. of course i’ll be fine.  in fact, i’m doing GREAT.

see you on the stage to revel in our breakthrough moment.  whether it be emotional, interpersonal, curatorial or educational i’ll be there to dance rocksteady strong with you.

*no, weigh is not spelled incorrectly.  think about it.

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