the yogasm.

as much as i would like to i cannot take credit for this word.  i first uttered it about a year ago when speaking to a friend who takes as much release in this meditative form of exercise (yoga) as i do.

yes, the meaning of the word ‘yogasm’ is exactly what you think it is (you dirty little mind you!) — the euphoric, orgasmic sensation that you feel as if you’ve just had an intense moment of intimacy.  or similar to the deep love that rocks your body when you take a bite of belgian dark chocolate.  but only yummier.

i love the sex columns in the village voice.  they are liberal, open and in-tune with feminity, just like the tantric movements in yoga.  in 2011, a VV blogger profiled the emerging public confessions of women admitting that the lotus was like the clitoris–one orgasm is stimulated with deep breathing and connection with the self, the other, brought on by circular motions and other frolics.  more downward dogs, please!

in the post, sexologist dr. jeffrey talltrees confirms that ladies can in fact get turned on during yoga.  “it’s another way that woman can bring herself to orgasm without touching herself,” he says.

getting off on the wild thing.

well, this is some relief to a single lass who indulges in shavasana four times a week.  the most climatic pose, since we’re being open here (literally), for me is camatkarasana.  it is a backbend that fittingly translates into ‘wild thing’.  according to yoga journal, “one poetic translation of this pose means ‘the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured hearted.”  and raptured i am indeed.

and just in case you think this bird has spent too much time in the nest, marco rojas, a renowned yoga teacher and practitioner of ashtanga and vinyasa, commented in the daily beast:

when we work with yoga, we go from the superficial to the subtle. we go inward … in doing so, one develops a sort of sixth sense, a heightened mental and physical awareness … i have found that my faithful students have improved their ability to love themselves and ultimately, to give themselves pleasure

self pleasure is a wonderful sensation.  self-love is even more gratifying.  if you’re a yoga virgin, don’t be shy.  if you’re a novice yogi with tight hips, push even deeper.  and if you’ve been practicing for some time and have yet to find your wild thing try letting go utterly, loosely … unapologetically completely.  i did and in my last five minutes of calming stillness, lying motionless in shavasana i erupted inside.  and in coming up to seated position, full lotus, eyes fluttering, a moment of being self-aware, i realised that i was crying.

i had yogasmed … my namaste erotically imploded.

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