the cupidettes.

in my world (as utopic as it may be at times) valentine’s day comes 365 days a year.  mad love for all the sparrows each and every day.  postcard kisses and a bouquet of words.  chocolate-covered conversations and a dozen red bicycles. a cheeky peck to say hello; a tight embrace to say goodbye.

to love is grand.  to be love is even grander.  it is a sentiment to be celebrated; an emotion to be elated.  it is kind.  it is gentle.  it is mean.  it is unforgiving.  but it is true.  some of it is eternal.  most of it does fade.  but it grows anew and with it so do you.

if you’re a hallmark casuality it is ok.  if you wake up on 15th feb with a hangover from being punch-drunk-(in)love or tired eyes from a cadbury-induced coma, you will survive.  if you got engaged i think that is beautifully wonderful.  if you cut out handmade cards you are so very adorable (please post me one).  if you have spent the past 50 valentine’s day with the same person i admire you.  if you are alone (um, i mean single), happy independence day (!).

if you’re female and celebrate heart day with your favourite femmes, raise your hand.  welcome to the cupidettes.   bow and arrow in tow we’ve got some love for you.  and a locket and key to dinner with this guy:

bon appetit.
bon appetit.

on my heart’s mixtape in recent days has been ‘easy to love’ by ivan and alyosha.  how can these lyrics not inspire you to believe in turbulent survival:

and i know you’re good; you know i try most of the time; we’ve been through that; and we came out on top because; you’re really easy to love …

such sweet serenade.

i’ve gone from i to me to we and back again.  and i expect a couple of rewinds and new plays before my heart goes platinum.  me and him never went on tour anyway.

i hope this doesn’t read as singleton angst or heartbroken rage because there is no reading between the lines here.  just me, the bird … one of the cupidettes.  so very easy to love.

from my heart to yours, happy valentine’s day.

mad love xx

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