hanging out in the cemetery.

cemetery cycles: where the past and present meet in haunting, calming peace … against a landscape of silence.

to fully embrace today’s creative writing theme i thought it best to go and sit in a cemetery.  to sit amongst the dead; to listen to the whispers of their memories once said.

although tonight was rather balmy, not much wind in the air, if one sat long enough, penetrated through the stillness, there was indeed much to be heard:

the grandparents last kiss as their headstone lie side by side.  the giggle of the small child who passed years before her time.  the sobbing widow, her loverless year past.  the motionless man staring blankly at the ground, his love taken from him too fast.

feeling as though i’m eavesdropping on precious mournings, windblown conversations from beyond, i get on my bike and ride.  leaving the dancing ghosts and their resting souls behind.

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  1. lightinajar says:

    beautiful. i do hope you’re enjoying the prompts in the challenge this month. xo

    1. thank you :). am i ever! although i missed the first couple of days it is so refreshing to allocate some mere moments for the creative mind to breathe. thank you for leading me to this. xoxo

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