what you want to be remembered for.


if you’re reading static confusion daily you know by now that i’m partaking in a creative writing challenge for the month of july.  (thank you dear reader for coming along with me).

this particular theme (what you want to be remembered for) doesn’t resonate well with me; it doesn’t compel me to write.  simply because i dislike what it is searching for — my legacy, my footprint … my essence of being when i no longer roam this world.

so rather than harp on about whether or not i believe in reincarnation or provide a script for an unrehearsed eulogy, i’d simply like to request the following:

a small celebration of life somewhere in a garden with johnny cash a-playin’.  once the tunes have slowed and the last beat danced i’d ask that one of my darling sisters recite the following (paraphrased) line by mr leonard cohen:

“nic, well she was a lass who lived her life as if it’s real, a thousand kisses deep.”

yes please, these are to be the only words said.

it would then make me oh-so-happy if a bowl of hershey kisses tied to an origami (paper) crane was passed around for each love and light of my life to take as a keepsake — a wish and kiss i leave for you.  by now the sun will be setting, yesterday’s tomorrow gone, kindly hop on your white bicycles that i’ve rented and pedal on down to the town pub where there will be a round of guiness and shots of tequila (don’t forget the lemon) waiting for you.  don’t worry about the tab for the last shout is always on me.

so in essence how do i want to be remembered?  i wanted to be remembered with (mad) joy.

-beautiful bird xx

beautiful word art by my favourite real life leonardo., a gift from new zealand. (www.rabiephotography.com)
beautiful word art by my favourite real life leonardo., a gift from new zealand. (www.rabiephotography.com)



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  1. lightinajar says:

    I will remember your words and your innocence an your friendship and your sincerity for all of my days.

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