be bold.

IMG_1775i read something today that pushed me against a wall.  that raw reality that i have lost my interest in writing.  well not so much lost interest but stopped making time for it.  too busy scribbling everything but my own thoughts.  i’ve been thinking lots … just not writing.  not at all.

until now.

the below excerpt from a piece called warm by michael zoupa on is the force that threw me at the wall.  not because it offended me or even overwhelmed me.  it just took the words right out of mouth.  here i am a reader reading perspective and insight that i used to write about.  i thank this beautiful stranger for being bold and reminding me to be brave:

it’s okay to be afraid, to want to protect yourself.  but if you’re not brave, you might miss your chance.

be bold in loving the people who mean the world to you.

tell them, be vulnerable to them. there is great power in vulnerability. in being brave enough to stand naked in the face of great forces, unashamed, unafraid…

i am afraid but i am also aware that without taking risks there is no failure and without failure there is no learning and without learning there is no adventure.  armor is necessary at times but if we don’t undress ourselves, stand stark naked, we won’t feel those forces of nature.  our hearts do bleed but love wounds heal too.

i am unapologetic in the way that i feel and i am hellbent on loving in a way that is so fiercely authentic that even i am overwhelmed.  it is important for me to be honest, to embrace every hello physically in my arms and whisper my goodbyes as genuine as a goodnight kiss.  i practice vulnerability for i have nothing to hide and no shame to reclaim.  i’ve loved wrongly and been wronged by love.  but i have also loved endearingly sweetly and have been sweetly endeared in return.  even when love ends it begins again … right here with me.  with these words.  with this moment … because i’m giving bravery a chance.

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