happy continuance into 2015.

and here we are New Year.

bright beginnings fill the air, magical ambitions dance everywhere. there’s an innocence restored to our perspective on this life for we don’t know where we are going only from where we came.  our hearts are already growing for we are no longer the same.  we resolve to change this and lose that, make this and forget that.  but instead of all the fabricating and predicting our unknown mistakes let’s resolve to just being our own one and truly only, a self that inspires our own never-ending story, sings our own morning glory.

with honest strength we know there will be tears this year just as there will be rays of sunshine too.  hope will be washed out but it too will bloom again.  we will ebb and flow through our days just as a carnival ride goes up and down.  but our resilient spirit will ricochet us back to this moment of joy and wonder where we will turn in different directions for we can go home again.  backwards, forwards, sideways, heck we will even travel in circles.  idle movement will get us no where but risks and dreams–they will!

so this year let’s resolve to risk it all; to dream it all.  let’s resolve to just be.  you and me dear friend, we’re not beginning, we’re merely embracing a continuance of our spectacular journey to the end.

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