#tbt: barbados.

may 22, 2016 ∫ barbados

there is a lot of truth in the old adage that the last day of travel is quite emotional.  the bliss has settled in, you’ve become accustomed to the culture.  you’ve met new friends and made new memories with old ones.  you’re lighter.  you’re spirit is rejuvenated.

you’ve found space to ponder and contemplate.  you’ve nurtured some humble honesty that will impact future behaviour and decisions once you return home.

you’re sunburned with swollen feet.  but your heart is lifted and your energy burns brighter.  you’ve grown and in some small ways you have quietly changed.

reality lingers as you board the jet plane.  your mind gets lost in the proverbial clouds.  you stare out into the blue abyss that is the sky … and you reflect.

you might not be certain where you’re going next but you know it is somewhere special, perpetual curiosity will glide you through the mundane days ahead … until you plan your next grand escape.  it is ok to not want to go back.  but you do because you know you have to return in order to leave again.

you land.  oceans and thousands of kilometres distances you from paradise.  you stumble over your baggage.  it is heavier than when you left.  but you don’t seem to care for you’re happy and grateful for the life that you live.

you return home even if the world is your address.

and there in your room with all the postcards plastered on the wall you skim your cluttered atlas for your next port of call.  you scribble in your passport, blessed be the traveler in you … may you never discover it all.

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