the affects of altitude.


i have left my heart atop a summit approximately 5,280 feet elevated above the canadian okanagan .  it is there amidst the champagne powder and bluebird skies where diamond days are lived and adventure awaits.  it is there where familiar strangers meet again to converse in out-of-bounds proximity; where life is determined by how many turns you make and shades of green, blue and black amalgamate.  it is there where an everlasting friendship is rekindled and a lust forever remains.

for ten days i am higher than water;  taller than trees.  the valley tides into the mist and the evergreens fade into the white abyss.  snowflakes fall as the moon kisses the mountain peaks beneath groomed light.  each one different – a journey burning bright.  eventually melting.  frozen in time to avoid summer’s lonely plight.

in the galaxy of time i’ve discovered up here it doesn’t matter where i’m going.  every morning people rise in anticipation of chasing something down the milky way.  i do it too.  and even though its right in front of me i let it ski away.  i want to get lost 132 different ways and wander peacefully through 1,900 acres of paradise nature while wondering if the unknown constellation really leads me to that combustible silver star.

and sure enough it does for up there in the mountains is where i found it.  hidden amongst the cluster of stellar southern crosses shines my one true north.  it’s also where i leave it to orbit for the compass that is my heart has to say goodbye.  after all, letting go of stardust is the enduring part.

alas, the sun eventually sets and the wanderlust of the snowy rock remains.  as the altitude drifts away so too does the adrenaline that pulls me here to stay.  but this is where i leave it.  beautiful and slow.  my love buried deep beneath the spellbound snow; a passionate yearning never to be known.

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