with you…under white linen sheets.


with you.  under white linen sheets.

is where i want to be

in bed.  no longer alone.

where we lay awake

full in love

free of heartbreak.

wrapped in sunlight

where we can live out our dreams

in each other’s arms

while kissing beneath the stars

and chasing moon beams.

we’ll smile from the happiness

just like young lovers do

and we will grow old

while the seasons change.

but we’ll continue to lie here

until sickness takes one of us

away into the night.

until the bed is empty

this is where i’ll be

blissfully with you.

intertwined and intimate

under crisp white linen sheets.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Aarani Rabendravarman says:


    1. Oh! Thank you for reading ❤

  2. A dazzling lyrical burst

    1. nicbea says:

      With grace and gratitude, thank you.

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