the bedlam of your beauty.

i find myself frequently penning these words together lately. like most of my scribes the meaning unfolds after i’ve had a moment to digest the sounds of their syllables.

so, i thought i would elaborate on this incognito phrase in more intimate detail. indulge me with your curiosity if you will dear reader.

bedlam, noun: a scene of uproar and confusion

beauty, noun: a combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight

the bedlam of your beauty: finding the allure of yourself amongst the calamity and chaos of life.  pursuing peace and nurturing it. embracing esteem and empowering your confidence with it.  seeking love for your inner self and holding on to it.

the clamour of your charm: igniting the elegance of your resiliency and worth from within the furor of a noisy and complicated world.  believing in your bravery to bare the criticism and scorn of others.  walking elegantly through hardship.  laughing romantically with old lovers.  surrendering in moments of sacredness when courage won’t suffice.  accepting failure as an opportunity to learn.  acknowledging that vulnerability is strength not sin.  learning that lust is not enough to keep your heart beating. creating your own altitude so that when you spread your wings you will soar.

lets take a soft pause here. what’s the root of the message within thus far? to never let the uproar unsettle the beauty of who you are.

an anonymous author once wrote, “be your own kind of beautiful.”  the power to radiate your exquisiteness comes from you sweet darling.  even your sad river of tears give bloom to the happy wave of all the pretty things that composite the magnificent and fierce being that you’re determined to become. aesthetics of the senses are more than skin deep. they pulsate through your blood and your brain: compassion and intelligence; patience and kindness; grace and gratitude. these are the traits that your world will see. not the makeup or the made up. not the façade or the filter. not the status or the symbol. but you and all of you. how you listen, how you smile, how you play and how you humble. these are the qualities that will imprint a memorably seductive impression of you upon the life of a stranger and the heart of a lover. find freedom in your flaws for perfection is a myth.

in closing, be your own kind of beautiful. be your own kind of wonderment, adventure and writ. emote empathy; transform something raw into something real. endure the adversity. exist here and now. caress your silky satin skin. hold hands with yourself. wrap your body in the warmth of your bare and brazen arms. kiss your reflection in the mirror. see yourself, all of you, naked in the moon’s candlelit charm. swoon. be wildly rebellious. fall in love with the purpose of naturally being you – the beautiful you. the you that shines brightly as a sight of amazing artistry amidst a scene of broken bedlam.


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