crossroad.  way finding.  junction.  interchange.  roundabout.  cloverleaf.

these are a few words synonymous with the noun, “intersection”.  a juncture of happenstance or a meeting point of two paths, an intersection can be a fleeting instance of colliding chaos or a yielding moment of magically sweet serendipity.  a crosswalk where two hearts greet; where a twist of fate permeates.

we’ve all been there before: standing on the corner of a traffic calamity being smothered by suffocating sadness. all the while across the street the light shines bright. curious and determined, we don’t wait for a signal we just cross the road, scrambling through the junction of misery and melancholy to make it to the other side.  once there, perched atop the curb, our emotions become illuminated.  there’s no one else around.

the rain begins to fall.  we don’t seek shelter.  our hearts pivot towards the graffiti laneway where our lost love was once found.  there’s a crack in the sidewalk.  the light trickles in.  the poetry of the pavement beats.  and we travel it down.

down along a new road.  yellow bricks and earth stones.  we meet again.  here at the intersection of fatality and fate.  you’re no longer who i am and i’m no longer who you are.  we didn’t read the warning signs because we were naive and in lust.   we didn’t need directions.  but here at the corner of neverland and forevermore we are forced to let the regret pour out.

a car horn startles our idle minds into forward drive.  the amber light begins to fade.  the bus shelter that was once our refuge shutters in the storm.

and so we say goodbye at this crossroad where we first met.  that faint blurred line between kensington and fitzroy.  the memory of you standing there i surely won’t forget.

I'm a pusher dealing hope, at the intersection of desire and despair.


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