wander alone.

noise surrounds us. most of it static. infused confusion by the chaos of the mad beat hustle.

but here in the conservation of nature i’m able to lay within my thoughts. space to contemplate. freedom to listen to a conversation with myself. to rant and ramble; ponder and philosophize. to speak a nonsensical tangent that makes all the sense to an inquisitive mind and a curious heart.

the scenery and surrounds are lush green, an escarpment of misty earth and foggy moss. the tree line shines an emerald hue. it’s all i can see. the air is filled with pine. it’s all i can smell. the river is whispering with ferocious water. it’s all i can hear. and the space around me is silent with beauty. “i am at peace,” is all i can say.

wandering alone i am awaken. woke to the learning that this is where i was planted. this is where i bloomed.

ralph waldo emerson profoundly prosed, “live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” he also left us with the wisdom to not go where the path leads rather go where there is no path and leave a trail.

so here, whilst in pursuit of rescue and refuge, i transplant my human roots from the dense foliage and wild woods. i become drunk on fresh air while curiously following an unmarked path that not even i have walked before. no direction or sense of how to find my way back i welcome the thought of forever being lost out here, tangled amongst the evergreens.

seek the experience of being solivagant amongst the canopy of the tallest trees. walk barefoot on the forest floor. search burrows. count stars. dance with fireflies.

wander alone sweet darling. and fall in love with your rebel heart.

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