sweet disposition.

Sweet disposition: to be affectionately kind.

This is how I’ve come to understand these two words. They all but disappeared from my vocabulary until the song of the same phrase by The Temper Trap enchanted my thoughts recently during an early morning rising. I was in the zen entrapment of holiday wanderlust so the moody yet mesmerizing melody hummed relentlessly on repeat in the vinyl of my mind. I’ve since been looking around me, studying the sweet disposition of strangers; searching for lingering nostalgia from “a moment, a love” — kind affection recklessly abandoned somewhere in time.

In searching and studying, I stumbled upon some lovely lyrical interpretations of the song as well as some clarity in the meaning of the words. In pop culture, sweet disposition is often associated with unrequited love, the innocence of adolescent admiration, and the resiliency of the heart. The trials and tribulations of living through our rights, our wrongs. In interpersonal relationships, sweet disposition between two humans is often thought to be affectionate and kind; enduring and everlasting even if for a brief encounter.

The sweet disposition of a person, a kiss, a cry, a moment … a love. Sentiment pleasantly blurred between desperate emotion and a dream aloud. Absolute endearment of fleeting feelings and a being’s perpetuating charm.

Sweet disposition: surrender to affection, be beautifully kind … and don’t stop til the love you seek is everything you already are.

#sweetdisposition #affection #affectionate #kind #kindness #reckless #abandon #songmeaning #moment #love #kiss #cry #dream #surrender #endure #unrequittedlove #time #emotion #foryou #forme #nostalgia #ourrights #ourwrongs #interpersonalrelationship #madlove

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