waves of pandemic.


When I come to the edge of one ending I often realize that I’m teetering on the verge of a new beginning.

The crashing of waves remind me of this: one breaks whilst another one forms slightly behind it. Coming from the horizon, rolling to the shore, and then back out again into the magical masses of the Great Lake.

Lately, life feels like a really big wave that changes with each swell. Yet to be broken, a tidal flow of emotion, an unpredictable riptide pulling us somewhere unknown.

Strength is the endurance to standstill. Solidarity is standing with two feet firmly at the water’s edge where all of nature’s beauty begins and ends.

We’re in the middle of this current right now. Somewhere between the swell and the barrel …. the space between where just enough of that hopeful blue light shines in.

Stay strong and let’s ride this wave out together.

Mad love,

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