truth telling.

a list-making exercise inspired by glennon doyle’s passage in “the path made clear” by oprah winfrey.

below is my version of the “25 things you don’t know about me” list. as doyle writes, “this truth telling is something that can unlock people. i felt connected. like the real me to the real other people.”

may we all find a way to tell our story and connect with one another through empathy.

truth telling by nicbea

  1. i found true love at the age of 35 – with myself. it is the healthiest relationship i have ever been in.
  2. sobriety has been the strongest decision i have ever made. but it is the one i still struggle with to this day. vices are a curse.
  3. i miss my melbourne life every day. a part of me is still there, deeply down under. i yearn to return. grateful for loved ones there who will always lead me along the yellow brick road to a place i was lucky to call home.
  4. i’m curious about motherhood. i’m concerned though that it could lead to a consequence of forgoing one of nature’s greatest gifts as my ovaries only seemed to be poking me as i approach 40. if it isn’t to happen that’s just ok because it was worth waiting thirty seven years to meet the man of my galactical dreams.
  5. i know that i am going to be a published poet and author one day.
  6. i worry too much about the health of other people that i neglect to check in with myself.
  7. i do not have superpowers. and that is difficult for me to admit.
  8. i will love you fiercely and i will not apologize for it.
  9. i find exploring my mental health is as empowering as it is suffocating.
  10. i think melancholy is the most honest emotion. it is raw and bittersweet. a sentiment between happiness and sadness. it’s true that all feelings are fleeting and nothing truly lasts. but melancholy, it will linger for a bit. nothing more. nothing less.
  11. i’ve endured many adventures from finding lust to evolving into love. endearing heartbreak and its perpetual hurt is enough to humble a human who has spent most of her youth chasing wanderlust.
  12. i appreciate my name. it means “victory of the people; to lead”. i have a really hard time following. and letting go. i am constantly striving and learning to be the most effective leader i know.
  13. i have three sisters. their laughter is my favourite thing.
  14. i believe in vikings. i was one when i was young.
  15. i don’t know what my faith is but i believe in grace.

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