girl, you are a world changer.


Girl, you are a world changer.

You’re a strong mama who is a homeschool teacher, work-from-home superhero who makes it all happen from dawn until dusk only to rise again without a fuss.

You’re a community champion who is determined to help others even when it means putting your own self-care second.

You’re a fierce leader who others look up to because your inspiration will transcend and transform a generation.

You’re a music maker, wordsmith wizard and creative soul whose story matters, who uses their voice for good and who isn’t afraid to make noise.

You’re compassionate and kind who explores through conversation while listening to others because you believe that empathy is a way to connect, build bridges and mend our differences.

You’re a sober warrior who is fighting for their own mental health sans vices; determined to breakthrough rather than breakdown.

You’re a young human whose curiosity will take you on grand adventures only to realize that you can come home again even when you’ve been away for too long.

You’re a brave role model who is seen, celebrated and revered by your community because you don’t back down, you don’t give up – you give your all so someone else can have hope.

You’re a friend and a lover who engineers a heart full of sweet gratitude, embodies courageous grace and spreads mad love to all you embrace.

Girl, you are a world changer.

And I’m so glad you’re here.


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