haven’t been here before.

i’ve decided that life is hard.  falling in love is even harder.

but i’ve also realized just how strong i am.  and even in my weakest moment i know that i will be just fine.

over the past couple of days i have received some very honest emails from dear friends, providing insight into my feelings – the clusterfuck of emotions that i have allowed to overtake any sense of rationality.  their words provide me with clarity, reiterating the sentiment that yes, i will be fine:

“spread your wings and fly beautiful bird.”

“since i can be honest with you i am wondering how your confidence in yourself is because you should think way more of yourself then to be treated like this…if this is how you act and feel then there is something wrong…are you happy and proud of yourself?  is this how you want to look back on this wonderful experience?  it should only be ones pleasure to take the time out of their life to get to know someone like you so don’t sell yourself short.”

“its exciting to see you crazy over a guy – so crazy that it makes you crazy.  i’ll be honest, i haven’t seen you like this in a while.  you didn’t have the same passion or drive [in your previous relationship].  however brutually painful it can be, it’s quite the trip.”

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