mark oliver everett

there is something that I find masterfully compelling and utterly poetic about mark oliver everett, front man of the blues-folk-rock band, the eels.

perhaps because his music has been the soundtrack throughout this transitional time or perhaps it is because I find his lyrics eerily identifiable.  then again, it is probably just because he is a fascinating source of emotional inspiration.

what i am personally drawn to is the darkness, happy and sense of loss and lively ambition that burst from his ballads.  i am not going to pretend and say “i know what he is saying/going through” because i don’t.  the only i can comment on is how his work resonates with my own thoughts.  my own feelings.

in an interview on, everett comments on his most recent album trilogy (hombre lobo, end times and tomorrow morning):

“the trilogy is just human emotions that we have all experienced.  desire, romantic loss and renewal.”

the article also summarizes the narrative – the theme – of the lyrics as chronicles of lust, loss and love.  and who, as being human, has not struggled with all three emotions at some point in his or her life?

so it is here where i take comfort and refuge in hitting replay on my song list because with each listen i find something riveting, something new in the music.  the struggle of lust, the heartbreak of loss and the happiness of love.  it can be an exhausting journey.  it is also liberating.  to be honest with oneself that is.  and to turn those thoughts into lyrics and sing them to the world.  well, that is a remarkable talent that i’m envious of.

indeed, i am no song writer.  i am not even the most musically in touch person.  but i am intrigued with how people choose to cope with the hardships with life.  and the power in which they can communicate his or her story for other people to listen to, to learn from.  i think what i am trying to say is that is the beautiful talent of someone live everett – to take deep, intense life moments and produce a series of songs that grab at emotional controversy, despairing loneliness and blissful renewal.  a series of songs that move you and trigger a rush of emotion within yourself to reflect and address some of the hidden feelings that don’t necessarily make it to the surface.

and even with the fame of being a rockstar everett is not pretentious about his talent.  in the same interview he says: 

that is my favourite kind of song writing: the song writing that is very succinct and to the point.  and that is the hardest kind; it is hard to tell a story in just a few lines.”

and that is what i find refreshingly addictive in listening to his music – being on an adventure, becoming honest with the feelings consuming my thoughts and heart – listening to myself that i do have a story to tell.  things that i want to share with people.

now the only question is – how do i succinctly tell my story in a couple of lines?  a simple verse to sing, “i’m doing just fine”.

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