the next phase.

today i had this grand thought of how i want to develop the next phase of my life, how i want to spend my days, how i want to embrace the time that seems to pass ever so qucikly…..a day that starts with a freshly made latte – pursuing international headlines and becoming aware of what is going on in the world around me.  a day that has at least one impactful encounter with a stranger, whether it be a smile or a passing hello.  a day that is spent dining and laughing with a favourite friend, good food and wine included.  a day that inspires at least one good thought, a moment appreciating at least one of life little wonders and sharing a compliment with someone that i love.  and finally, a day that ends with a beautiful song, a gesture of goodwill to another and a smile on my face.

 yes, that is how i want to spend my days.  just being simplisticly happy, playing without boundaries.

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