discovering your identity through writing.

beginning to slip back into a mundane routine where i don’t feel creative or inspired so i turned to a couple of sources that usually get my mind racing.  some of those thoughts follow:

leonard cohen. one of my favourite Canadian writers.  a legend in his own right – poetically, literary and musically.  it’s the theme of his autobiographical sketch, the favourite game, about a young man discovering his identity through writing, which reconnects me with the importance of this exercise.  this craft of capturing my thoughts on paper (only to digitize them) only to read back on at a different space in time to realize that during this year in particular i began trying to write my own autobiography: a story of an overly emotional and ambitious young girl trying to find her purpose and meaning in life by venturing half way across the world.  i might now be discovering my identity as i don’t think you can ever truly know yourself entirely as the human character is in constant development, but i do know that i have rediscovered my love for writing.  even if it’s about nothing at all.

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