genuine friendship.

its a rare thing to find – organic friendship.  the kind of friendship that grows from a mere hello.  a friendship that is deep and meaningful, mutually invested in and mutually reciprocated.  yes, real honest friendship is hard to come by.

which is why i am ever so lucky for having met the viking, HS.  i know she knows how much i adore her – i tell her so every day.  but i really don’t think she knows the impact she has had on me in such a short, significant period of time.  in realizing that in three weeks she starts making her way home i am sadden by the thought that my days will not be filled with her companionship, her laughter.  but it is comforting to know that moving forward, i have a friend in her that i feel as though has been there my entire life.

its only been five months since we lost ourselves for six hours in a coffee shop but her friendship have become absolutely invaluable.  it is fair to say that she saved me.  saved me from collapsing into a rut of loneliness, confusion and disparity.  honest from our first conversation she made me aware of what i deserve and challenged me to go make things – positive things – happen.  she was the friend that i have been longing for since arriving here.  fundamentally, when i met her i truly started living here.  and her boyfriend is a winner too.  their chemistry, their connection – now that is love.

it’s a lot to say about someone but how can you possibly sing enough praise about someone who sees a stranger, asks how they are and then spends the time making sure they get to where they are going – making sure they are okay?  well really, i cannot sing about her loud enough.

yep, i’m going to miss the viking.  and the englishman too.

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